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Commentator, Conference on ‘Religion, Rights, and Institutions’, Princeton University (2014)


‘The Conference on Religions, Rights, and Institutions will focus on how institutional design, of both religions and political regimes, affects the relationship between religious practice and activity and human rights. It will examine how the internal organization (formal and informal structures and rules) of religions and religious communities affect therights of members of religious communities and the functioning of religion as a source of human rights. It will investigate the scope of, and limits upon, a just state’s authority to compel changes in the internal aspects of organized religion in the name of human rights. Among the questions it will ask is how do social and political institutions shape religious behavior and affect the human rights of members of religious communities and the society at large.

The conference is co-sponsored by Princeton University’s Program in Law and Public Affairs and the Israel Democracy Institute. It will take place on November 23-24, 2014. Attendance is by invitation only.’

My contribution took place during Session 8 (‘Secular Carve-outs in a Religious World; Religious Carve-outs in a Secular World’. Check out the full conference schedule here:


Contribution to Annual Comparative Law Work-in-Progress Workshop


This weekend I will be participating in the above workshop, co-sponsored by Princeton University’s Program in Law and Public Affairs, the American Society of Comparative Law, the University of Illinois College of Law and the UCLA Law School.

I will be commenting on a paper on “Administrative Democracy in Europe: Expanding the ‘Public Space’ Through Stakeholder Participation in Regulatory Policymaking”.

See for more information on the program of the workshop: https://lapa.princeton.edu/content/annual-comparative-law-work-progress-workshop-0.