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Presentation during Second National Conference of Christians in Political Science, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI (1999)


About the Conference:

‘The Paul Henry Institute will host the second national conference of Christians in Political Science, June 17-20, 1999. Christian political scientists from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia have already registered to attend the event. More than twenty different panels, each addressing different thematic issues, have been organized, with more than sixty papers being given by different scholars in the field. On Friday, June 18, the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus will deliver an address that will be open to the public.’

Source: http://henry.calvin.edu/dotAsset/182cb684-4848-4d40-8150-9476e78b335d.pdf.

About the Henry Institute:

‘The Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics was created in 1997 to continue the work of integrating Christian faith and politics advanced by its namesake, educator and public servant Paul B. Henry.

The Institute is dedicated to providing resources for scholarship, encouraging citizen involvement and education, structuring opportunities to disseminate scholarly work, seeking avenues to communicate and promote information about Christianity and public life to the broader public, and motivating and training future scholars and leaders.’

About Christians in Political Science:

‘Christians in Political Science aims to encourage students of politics to integrate their Christian faith into their research and writing; stimulate and assist members to bring insights and perspectives from their faith to classroom teaching; and provide a forum for fellowship. We recognize that Christians of good faith may disagree about how Christianity should inform our professional, political, and other activities. Indeed, a major goal of CPS is to encourage discussion of these matters among believers from different traditions and with divergent views.’

My own presentation was entitled ‘The Fall of Christian Democracy in Europe’.

Paper presentation ‘Creed or Structure? Christian Democratic Vision and Attitudes towards Liberal Democracy’

Participating in a workshop on ‘Christian Democratic Ideology and Programmatic Development, 1945-2000’ at the KU Leuven. The workshop is organized by Civitas, a newly formed Forum of Archives and Research on Christian Democracy.

My own paper is entitled ‘Creed or Structure? Christian Democratic Vision and Attitudes towards Liberal Democracy’.

The abstract of the paper reads as follows:

‘The current paper asks the question to what extent one can (still) speak of a Christian Democratic ideology and identity and a distinct political programme, also with respect to liberal democracy. It defines liberal democracy for this purpose as comprising the basic principles of individual rights and government by consent of the people.

In so far as it will conclude that Christian Democracy has come to accept modern liberal democracy wholeheartedly, the paper will critically reflect on this ideological and programmatic development. It will be argued that the pressing question is whether, and to what extent, Christian Democracy and modern liberal democracy are indeed as compatible as the ideological and programmatic developments in Christian Democratic parties between 1945 and 2000 seem to suggest.

For this purpose, the paper  considers Confucian constitutionalism, the book Christian Faith and Modern Democracy and finally the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church as contrasts.’

For more information on Civitas, and the workshop, see http://civitas-farcd.eu/events/upcoming.

For reports on the workshop, see http://civitas-farcd.eu/events/reports/report_ws_2013_11https://kadoc.kuleuven.be/pdf/nieuwsbrief/nb_2014/nb_2014_01.pdf.