Advanced Certificate Program on Religion and the Rule of Law at Oxford

Honored to be serving on the International Academic Advisory Board of this exciting new Program.

‘The need for a global program to identify and educate the rising generation of scholars and leaders in the field of law and religion: Legal restrictions on religious individuals and groups remain high or very high in many countries of the world, and these official obstacles are often combined with social hostilities regarding religion that are increasing around the world. Sometimes these problems rise to the level of persecution of religious minorities, or even genocide, but more frequent are problems that arise from discrimination, social marginalization, and the ordinary problems of lawmaking, enforcement, adjudication, and regulation.’

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Redactioneel ‘Religie en de rule of law’

Paper Presentation during Journal of Law, Religion & State International Conference on ‘The Rule of Law – Religious Perspectives’, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, 20-22 November 2016

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