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Presentation during day conference on ‘Multiculturalism: Template for Peace or Recipe for Division’, West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies, Leeds (2007)


‘”Has multiculturalism had its day?” “Has multicultural society any space for faith-based institutions”? This time the answers come from Greg Mulholland MP, Jan van der Stoep, Hans-Martien ten Napel and Jonathan Chaplin, who are the speakers at a day conference run by the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies.

Multiculturalism: Template for peace or recipe for conflict? takes place on December 8 at Outwood House, Horsforth with sessions at Woodside Methodist Church.’

Source: ThirdWay Magazine, december 2007.

‘WYSOCS is a Christian education centre exploring the power of faith in learning for every aspect of life. Based in Leeds, we provide resources for Christians throughout the UK and beyond to engage culture with an authentically Christian worldview.’ See: http://wysocs.org.uk.

You can download Jonathan Chaplin’s contribution, ‘Has multiculturalism had its day? Towards a Christian assessment’, here: http://www.klice.co.uk/uploads/Ethics%20in%20Brief/Chaplin%20v12.6%20pub.pdf.

For audio, go here: http://www.wysocs.org.uk/recordings.php.

My own presentation was entitled: ‘”Curbing’ multiculturalism in the European Court of Human Rights?


Can the Citizens’ Initiative Revitalize Representative Democacy?

The Petition Committee of the Dutch House of Representatives is currently holding an internal review of the so-called citizens’ initative. This instrument may only work, however, if it is accompanied by a long-term vision of how parliament is to be re-established as the central organ of representative democracy.

I invite you to read my new blogpost on this topic at http://leidenlawblog.nl/articles/can-the-citizens-initative-revitalize-dutch-representative-democracy. In the blogpost reference is made to the 2012 Democratic Audit carried out in the U.K., among other things. The Audit found that ‘almost all available indicators suggest that representative democracy is in long-term, terminal decline’. See for the U.K. audit: http://www.democraticaudit.com/the-uk-audit-1.