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Member, Editorial Board, Journal for Religion, Law and Policy

Tijdschrift voor Recht, Religie en Beleid

Recently, I joined the editorial board of the Tijdschrift voor Religie, Recht en Beleid (TvRBB):

‘The Tijdschrift voor Religie, Recht en Beleid (TvRRB) [The Journal for Religion, Law and Policy] is an independent review. It provides a platform for debate, and for informing professionals and public opinion on issues at the intersection of religion, law and policy. TvRRB welcomes high-quality academic contributions written in an accessible style. It is open to a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and diversity of opinions.
TvRRB is a joint initiative of Boom Legal Publishers and FORUM, the Institute for Multicultural Affairs.’

For more information on the journal, see: http://www.boomlemmatijdschriften.nl/tijdschrift/religierechtenbeleid/2015/2.

Paper-presentation ‘Imaginations From the Other Side. Assessing the Juncture between Law, History and Sociology in the Study of State-Religion Interlocutions’

vaICON-S Florence (1)vaICON-S Florence (2)

The paper, co-authored with Leonard van ‘t Hul,  was presented during the inaugural conference of the International Society of Public Law on ‘Rethinking the Boundaries of Public Law and Public Space’, Florence, Italy, June 26-28, 2014.

See for more information: http://icon-society.org/site/conference.