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International Conference on “The Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics in Transition”

Looking forward to attending the above conference, the call of papers for which is still open:

‘Date: 5-7 June 2013

Venue: Connie-Fan Multi-media Conference Room, 4/F Cheng Yick-chi Building, CityU

Language: The Conference will be conducted in English and Putonghua. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided during the conference.

Organizer: The Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL), School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

Conference Objectives

The objectives of the conference include three facets generally. The first objective is to provide a platform for scholars from different areas, and make the dialogue much more diverse and fruitful. Accompanied with much more openness of Greater China, more and more dialogues are needed for understandings and agreements among one another. The theme on the rule of law with Chinese characteristics is such a one needed to be explored and discussed for the future of China.

The second is to focus on this theme from comparative perspectives, get consensus on the pros and cons of the features of the rule of law with the so-called Chinese characteristics in transition so as to keep these characteristics, follow the track of the rule of law and arrive at Chinese rule of law eventually.

The third is to bridge the communications between China (including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan), North America, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, so as to make Hong Kong academia know much more about the recent intellectual developments in these relevant areas. This would make the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong more open and leading in these areas potentially.

Issues to be explored during the conference:

(1) The rule of law with Chinese characteristics from comparative perspectives
(2) The rule of law in transition from historical and comparative perspectives
(3) Particular legal systems with Chinese characteristics in the practice
(4) Confucian constitutionalism, authoritarianism and the global constitutionalism
(5) Religious freedom and the moral foundations of the rule of law with Chinese characteristics from comparative perspectives
(6) Human rights protection and democracy with Chinese characteristics in comparison’

For the submission procedure, see:

For information on the Centre for Comparative and Chinese Law, see

Opinieartikel ‘Parlement moet handen niet opnieuw willen laten binden’

‘Het kabinet is bij partijen buiten de coalitie steun aan het zoeken voor nieuwe bezuinigingen. Dat roept nogal wat discussie op. De voordelen van de aanpak van het kabinet wegen echter zwaarder dan de eventuele nadelen.’

Aldus de opening van een opinieartikel dat ik, samen met Jeanne Veldwijk, schreef op uitnodiging van de redactie van het Reformatorisch Dagblad. Jeanne Veldwijk vervult  een student-assistentschap onderzoek in het kader van het Leidse Honours College Law.

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